co2 lasers hit the mark in small places even ferrets

CO2 lasers hit the mark in small places, even ferrets

By Pamela Doskey, DVM | November 2014

Surgical case involving a ferret with numerous neoplastic lesions that were surgically managed using the laser. Aesculight Flexible Waveguide Surgical CO2 lasers help us achieve more precise results with less blood loss, less tissue trauma and therefore less pain and inflammation.

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co2 laser applications for exotics

CO2 laser applications for exotics

By Ed Gilsleider, DVM | September 2014

In my practice a flexible fiber CO2 surgical laser is used daily. Whether for dermal neoplasia, any soft tissue surgery, laparotomies or orthopedics, I request its use. Learn about the many clinical benefits of CO2 lasers in exotic for veterinary practices.

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fibrosarcoma in a goldfish treated with co2 laser

Fibrosarcoma in a goldfish treated with CO2 laser

By Jacques-Marie Leclerc, DVM | November 2013

Romeo, a 5-year-old goldfish who lives alone in a 20-liter aquarium, was brought in for a consultation regarding a mass located close to the distal part of the dorsal fin. The mass had been evolving for a few weeks, during which there were no noted changes in Romeo’s behavior.

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co2 laser surgery standard of care

CO2 laser Surgery: Standard of Care

By John C. Godbold Jr., DVM | March 2012

CO2 lasers have become a standard of care in veterinary surgery. Delivering the ideal wavelength (10.6 µm) for all soft tissue surgery, CO2 lasers provide increased precision and result in reduced hemorrhage, swelling, pain and tissue trauma. CO2 lasers also facilitate many laser-improved and laser-specific procedures.

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