We have always been very satisfied with your service and your ability to solve most of our problems or concerns over the phone. You have always been there when the need arose and helped with any questions or problems that have occurred - thanks for everything. Excellent company!

Dana C. King, DVM
Northside Veterinary Clinic, Springfield, OH

Turnaround time...can take up to 24-36 hours but overall service was prompt, courteous, and professional. The costs were significantly less than if I had to purchase an upgraded machine from the manufacturer. My experience with Peter has been only positive and I trust Luxarcare...value, service, and professionalism - perfect package.

Howard Gittelman, DVM
Animal Medical of New City, New City, NY

Compared to others: good service, to the point, did the job - would gladly call again if I have a problem.

Ernest A. Slovon, DVM
Owings Mills Animal and Bird Hospital, Owings Mills, MD

Trepidation filled the air in our hospital when our laser "quit." Our worst fears had become reality and remembering the costs and returning a laser to the factory made me question my original purchase. Calling Luxarcare, even after a suggestion from a friend, was a little un-nerving. After talking to both Paul and Peter my apprehension was reduced to relief and my laser was off to Luxarcare. The communication and repair was very professional, timely, and overall a great experience. In fact, the first time our laser was repaired turned into a second trip back to Luxarcare due to the "fault" repeating itself once we turned on the laser after unpacking. Paul and Peter were wonderful in handling pickup and complimentary repair the second time. Our laser works like new and our newfound friends at Luxarcare have given us a feeling of confidence and peace that will make any problems a pleasure to deal with. They have earned our trust in the way they handled our first and second laser repair.

C. Dave Richards, DVM
Valdosta, GA

Honest, truthful, far knowledge. What more can you say? I wouldn't trust my laser to anyone else. Thanks guys.

Michael Metzler, DVM
Four Paws Animal Hospital, Bridgeville, DE

My practice is in central Florida and my laser fiber failed on a Friday. After a phone conversation I was able to arrange for you to send me a new one by 2 days. I received it Monday before noon and was able to avoid cancellation of a scheduled surgery on Monday. Thanks for the help! P.S. To be able to get their quick turnaround was great!

John Miller, DVM
Winter Garden Animal Hospital, Winter Garden, FL

I have always been extremely satisfied with the services you have provided. You are knowledgeable, reasonable, and fair. I am thankful to have you as a resource.

Mike Moulton, DVM
Kimberly Pines Vet Hospital, Davenport, IA

We are addicted to our surgical laser and I was nervous to send it to "the other coast." Luxarcare delivered as promised with ultrafast turnaround (less than 1 week) and excellent protection of the unit during shipment. Very professional, thanks!

Clif C. Simmons, DVM
Wrightsville Beach Pet Hospital, Wilmington, NC

After Accuvet disappeared, was becoming apprehensive as power started declining on my unit. Thought I needed a new fiber but was unable to locate anyone from Accuvet. Luxarcare found me and with one phone call Paul had my problem diagnosed. My unit was sent in, repaired, and back within 8 days. Thanks.

Stephen Krumm, DVM
Owatonna Veterinary Services, Owatonna, MN

You did over and above expectations. A couple of months after my upgrade I did experience a problem. You worked with us, fixed the problem, overnighted my laser so I had virtually no downtime and exceeded my expectations. Thanks, you guys were great.

Jeffry Hubsher, DVM
South Salem Animal Hospital, South Salem, NY

We did need your help with our laser and it came back fixed and ready to go. Thanks!

William Welter, DVM
Animal Clinic, Inc., Iowa City, IA

Wonderful service with friendly professionals. Turn-around time is excellent. Well worth the expense!

Bob Farr, DVM
Cheyenne Pet Clinic, Cheyenne, WY

I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Diaz and your associates for your assistance in servicing my Luxar Accuvet Laser. It has never worked better! I rely totally on my laser for all surgeries. And the turn around time (considering what was wrong and the overnight delivery each way) was handled relatively quick and professionally. I gratefully appreciate your authorization of the service contract and look forward to becoming another loyal customer to Luxarcare.

Mark W. Bielefeld, DVM
Oakwood Veterinary Clinic, Dayton, OH

Luxarcare, you have been terrific! You have gone out of your way to take care of my laser and return it to me in record time. My laser works better than the day I bought it. Keep up the good work - you will get many referrals for laser services from me.

Jim Antunano, DVM
Animal Medical Diagnostic Center, Valrico, FL

Love my Laser. And really love the people and service at LuxarCare. I've been using my CO2 laser for over 9 years. The people at LuxarCare were the original designers of the AccuVet laser. They know their way around service and maintenance for this machine. Fast reliable service. I could not be happier.

I've had the pleasure of trying their new laser. The Aesculight waveguide CO2 system is an great machine. I'm looking forward to trading up someday, but until then I count on the service contract with LuxarCare as one of the best investments in maintaining my Laser. Thanks LuxarCare. Keep up the great work.

Paul Sessa, DVM
Salida Veterinary Hospital, Salida, CA

I have been using my [Luxar] laser for all my surgeries for, I believe, 2 decades.

I had a problem recently and phoned in this morning and talked to Chris. I was so impressed with his cheerful, knowledgeable help that I wanted to let you know. Chris was able to troubleshoot the likely problem, help me with the diagnostics, offer a plan of action and order the part I wanted to purchase. He assured me that if this wasn't the fix, we could easily discuss further options. No going through 14 prompts or talking to a machine.

Too many times these days, it seems that service is a thing of the past and direct, competent help is out of the question.
Thank you to Chris and to your company.

This is just a note to say thank you and all of your staff at Aesculight for making my transition to the use of surgical laser in my practice so easy. From my first contact with you to sales, delivery, setup, training and support your team have all showed a professionalism and dedication to my success that is equal to the quality of the great product that you sell. What a concept, a great product with great support. Sounds like a formula for success. Thanks again.

William C. Sands, III, DVM
Three Rivers, MI

I have been very pleased with my purchase of the Aesculight 30 watt CO2 laser. There is no doubt that it is a great addition to my practice. I have been pleasantly surprised to find excellent client acceptance of the technology. The first month I used the laser, I did not perform a single procedure without a laser. Since, clients still opt for use of the laser >90% of the time. Clients already understand that laser is better...

Chris Durham, DVM
Animal Health Centre, The Colony, TX

With the Aesculight laser, one can change quickly from a cutting mode to ablating mode. Most of the CO2 lasers are designed primarily for cutting. Ablation with these lasers is very tedious and complicated. In dermatology, most of our procedures require wide-field ablations; cutting is not used as often, so this Aesculight laser is an excellent choice for the skin. Aesculight is the company with its headquarters in the USA. They build the laser entirely in the US, in compliance with and exceeding all the US standards. This laser is of the highest quality and is built to last. It is a laser with engineering that you can rely on, by people who you can trust. This laser is far superior both in quality and safety to all of the foreign-built lasers that are on the market.

David Duclos, DVM
Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic, Lynwood, WA