Introduction to Soft Tissue Lasers

Surgical lasers have become an integral part of veterinary medicine. The advent of the surgical laser has improved the treatment of many diseases previously treated with a scalpel or electrosurgical unit. The VetScalpel surgical laser can easily replace the steel scalpel or electrosurgery in hundreds of procedures in general surgery, dermatology, ophthalmic surgery, ENT, and many other specialties. It is capable of performing incisions, excisions, dissections, and ablations of many kinds. Biopsies, lesion removal, tissue sculpting, and many other applications are all within the laser’s capabilities. Please refer to our Clinical Procedures page for information on types of soft-tissue surgeries that can be accomplished with the VetScalpel CO2 laser.

VetScalpel veterinary surgical lasers are a great asset for the veterinary clinician. It can help you advance as a surgeon who provides the highest quality of care and comfort for patients, and it can also help you broaden your client base and grow your practice.

Benefits of the VetScalpel Laser

For the patient

Less Pain and Swelling: reduced trauma to tissue, along with the laser’s ability to seal nerve endings and lymphatics as it cuts, results in less post-operative swelling, pain, and discomfort. In addition, laser surgery puts less stress on the pet and often requires less time under anesthesia.

Reduced Risk of Infection: Laser surgery is a “no-touch” technique (the laser tip is held 1-3 mm away from the target tissue without touching it). In addition, the high-intensity laser beam kills bacteria in its path, producing a sanitizing effect.

Shorter Recovery Time: Lasing with VetScalpel helps to avoid thermal damage to the surrounding healthy tissues. Reduced risk of infection, less bleeding, swelling, and pain often allows the patient a faster return to normal activities, i.e. eating, drinking, playing, etc.

Benefits of the VetScalpel Laser

For the clinician

Enhanced Visibility of the Surgical Field: The laser beam seals capillaries and small blood vessels as it cuts, thereby dramatically reducing bleeding, resulting in a much drier and clearer surgical site. In addition, the VetScalpel laser does not utilize the distracting aiming beam usually associated with outdated articulated arm CO2 laser systems.

Reduced Procedure Time: The hemostatic effect of the CO2 laser beam and the improved visibility of the surgical field often reduce the duration of surgery, and may also reduce the need for sutures, bandaging, and other after-care.

Pinpoint Precision and Control: The diameter of the beam may be adjusted down to a small fraction of a millimeter or expanded to address a wider coverage. The laser power may be set for rapid removal of relatively large tissue amounts, or adjusted to remove only one cell layer at a time.

Increased Surgical Capabilities: Laser surgery changes the character of many procedures by making them simpler and by reducing risk. This opens up the possibility of expanding the clinician’s surgical repertoire to include procedures that are not practical with conventional scalpel-based techniques.

Advantages of Laser Surgery Easily Understandable for Pet Owners: Veterinary clients often request laser surgery if it is available. This often comes from their personal experience with laser surgery or that of a friend or relative. Clients know from these experiences that there is much less pain after laser procedures and that their pets return to their normal routine immediately after a laser procedure.

Twenty Reasons to Choose the VetScalpel Laser

  1. Superior technology
    • US-made and unmatched by any importer
  2. Ultimate patient safety
    • Built-in laser power meter
    • Laser power verification at the handpiece
    • Internal calibration
    • Distal calibration
  3. Ultimate beam integrity
    • Unmatched precision
    • Wide selection of spot sizes: 0.25 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.8 mm, 1.4 mm, and 0.4 x 3 mm
  4. Superior clinical access
    • Superior flexibility
    • Rugged and durable 1.75-meter fiber
    • Scalpel-like feel
    • Pinpoint accuracy
  5. 5-year warranty from USA-based manufacturer
    • Labor
    • Parts
  6. Complete support from USA-based manufacturer
    • Training and education
    • Technical support
    • Accessories
    • Upgrades
    • Extended warranties
    • Marketing support and materials
  7. Most advanced touch-screen controls
    • High duty cutting repeat pulse modes
    • Integrated customizable smoke evacuator controls
    • Customizable laser mode settings
    • Customizable air purge settings
  8. Onboard digital clinical library
    • Most comprehensive library of over 100 surgical procedures
    • Detailed descriptions and laser settings
    • Still pictures
    • Videos
  1. All-metal laser tube technology
    • Long-lasting (vs. short-lasting imported glass tubes)
    • Inexpensive to service (vs. non-serviceable imported glass tubes)
    • Superior performance (vs. inferior imported glass tubes)
    • Rugged (vs. fragile imported glass tubes)
  2. Widest range of powers available – continuous wave – CW (20, 30, 40, and 45 watts)
  3. Widest range of powers available – SuperPulse (10, 20, 25, and 30 watts)
  4. Choice of highest SuperPulse peak powers (50 and 100 watts).
  5. Autoclavable tipless handpieces
    • Disposable-free, no tips required
    • Adjustable spot size for flexibility
    • Fixed-spot size available
  6. Ultimate safety for patient and doctor
    • FDA requirements integrated for the safest operation
  7. No aiming beam required
    • The optimal distance is 1-3 millimeters from the target tissue
  8. Multiple autoclavable handpieces
    • No delay between sterile procedures
    • Scalpel-like feel
    • Large variety
    • Inexpensive
    • Versatile
  9. Autoclavable laser tips
    • Unparalleled precision
    • Tough and long-lasting
  10. Compliance with USA Federal Laws
    • USA CFR 21 Part 1040.10
    • USA CFR 21 Part 1040.11
  11. Exclusive forced air cooling system; Ultimate reliability
    • No pumps
    • No flowing liquid
    • No hazardous chemicals
  12. Most portable high-powered system
    • The most rugged chassis
    • Large casters for the roughest terrain

Education and Training with VetScalpel

In the course of numerous surgical procedures performed with the VetScalpel laser, a substantial body of clinical data has been accumulated. VetScalpel is happy to share this valuable knowledge with veterinarians to help them learn laser surgical techniques faster and more efficiently. Please refer to the Education page of this website to learn about the wide array of education and training options that VetScalpel provides. Also, read clinical case studies that were published in the Educational Series of the Veterinary Practice News in the Blog section of this website.

Helping You Market Your Laser

Apart from the clinical perspective, another key element of the VetScalpel laser surgery is differentiating your practice and increasing demand for the premium asset you have.

Pet owners’ demand for laser surgery undoubtedly exists. National surveys indicate that 70% of pet owners would pay a surcharge for laser surgery. But how do you let pet owners know that laser surgery is now available to their pets at your clinic? How do you draw new clients to your practice?

As the veterinary industry advances into the future, the importance of your surgical laser becomes even greater. At LuxarCare and VetScalpel, we have a wealth of marketing resources available to you. We offer the following: in-office posters, client marketing brochures, free website enhancement, in-office stand-up banners, and valuable guidance from experienced professionals. We can help you increase revenues and laser productivity. Please call us toll-free at 1-866-589-2722 and we will provide you with the right resources to incorporate successful laser surgery into your practice!

With the VetScalpel laser, you perfect your surgical skills and the quality of patient care and draw attention to your practice, which helps to attract new clients.


Adding a laser is the best thing we’ve ever done. We use our lasers across the board. We hardly ever pick up a scalpel.

Ed Biggie, DVM
Feeder Creek Veterinary Clinic, Millersport, OH

I love using the Aesculight laser. It has made surgery go much quicker and smoother. I will never do tumor removals without it ever again. Efficient customer service.

Tiffany Wagner, DVM
South Mountain Veterinary Hospital, Mountain Top, PA

Of all the equipment we have ever bought, the laser generated the most income and is the most fun to use.

Pamela Dumont, DVM, CCRP
Godspeed Animal Care, Williamsburg, VA

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