We went to Dr. Duclos in Lynnwood, WA and were very pleased with his professionalism, caring, communication before and after and his skill. It was an hour away, the trip was in the rain, there were two accidents that snarled the traffic, making the trip home 2.5 hours but it was worth every second! If the medical situation allows for it, laser surgery seems less invasive and easier to recover from. In my pet Bonny’s case, he (Dr. Duclos) succeeded where our previous vet failed.

Tacoma, WA

We were able to locate a laser veterinarian and the surgery went well. Both cats are doing great! I would absolutely recommend laser surgery to other pet owners. It’s much better than traditional scalpel surgery and the healing time is much faster!

Lawrenceville, GA

I had a five month old male kitten neutered with laser surgery, and a five month old female kitten spayed using laparoscopic surgery. I highly recommend laser surgery. It was minimally invasive with no stitches for the male. It was a very quick recovery and once we got him home, and he didn’t even need the pain meds we had purchased. He was fine and playing the next day even though he was supposed to rest. Laser surgery is less invasive and caused less trauma to my pet’s tissue.

Elk River, MN

I was able to find a laser surgeon who was located very close to me and I was extremely satisfied with the results!

Candia, NH

I am very happy with the results of my pet’s laser surgery! My eight year old cat’s recovery time was minimal (5-7 days) and he did not appear to have much discomfort at all. Laser surgery was actually less expensive and less painful than other alternatives. I would recommend it to other pet owners!

Rochester Hills, MI

Thank you to Aesculight for providing leads and the encouraging information about laser surgery. I cannot believe all vets have not yet converted to lasers! The cost was not prohibitive, in fact, it was about the same as the old style surgery with a one to two night stay and so much easier on the kittens.

Morristown, NJ

...Gizzy weighs nearly 20 lbs and I was unprepared to risk her life through general anesthesia. ...Dr. Rhett used a LOCAL anesthetic to remove the lump, and then with the LASER he sealed underneath the wound and sutured it. In my mind, Dr. Rhett saved Gizzy’s life with local instead of general anesthesia. Hopefully, she will live to be an even older kitty cat. I will always be grateful to you for finding and locating Dr. Rhett. I thank you very much; you will forever be our lucky star over the NET.

Ucluelet, BC, Canada

My cat went home 7 hours after her laser spay surgery. She was alert, ate and very active. Even jumping the same night – I was amazed and totally recommend laser surgery to other pet owners.

Pewaukee, WI

I went to Rachel Jones, Veterinarian in Westchester. My cat Marly had the laser procedure and everything went well ... if I had known how quickly the healing process was with the laser I would of gone that direction for my other cat CoCo. I definitely would recommend the laser, minimal downtime, no post medications and the cost was less than the cutting procedure.

Liz C.
Venice, CA

I am very happy that I elected to have the laser surgery performed on my 17 year old cat who suffers from chronic renal failure. The type of surgery he needed did not lend itself to conventional surgical methods. The choice was really one of euthanasia or laser surgery. The DVM who performed the surgery did an excellent job in preparing my old guy for the anesthesia, taking care to perform preliminary testing and supporting him throughout the surgery and recovery on IV fluids. Jim Sox is so much happier and healthier now. I feel as though I have given him several months, maybe a year or two, of quality life that he wouldn’t have had otherwise. He’s my little buddy!!!

Mansfield, TX

My brachycephalic cat had his nares enlarged by laser. The experience was worth it. The site healed fast, no bleeding, little pain. I would not have this procedure done with a knife and sutures. I would recommend laser surgery to other pet owners because of increased comfort and healing with fewer complications.

Phoenix, AZ

Thank you very much for taking such great care of Owen. Prior to surgery, Owen acted like a old cat. He was slow and his coat was greasy with dander. He really did not preen himself nor did he want much to do with the other cats in the household.

What a change since the surgery! He now preens himself, the other cats, the dogs and me. He now seems almost kitten-like in his renewed interest in playing with toys, the other animals and his pet humans. He has also become quite the snuggler.

I am very glad that I made the decision to have the surgery done. Owen has had absolutely no problem recovering from it.

Wesley Chapel, FL