equine laser tumor removal

CO2 laser en bloc resection of equine dermal tumor mass

By Ruth Garvenell, RVN | June 2017

Considering the numerous advantages of the CO2 laser, such as benefits for veterinary personnel and patients, as well as its efficiency and predictable outcomes, the laser is a better alternative to conventional surgery for equine cutaneous tumor removal.

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co2 laser surgery standard of care

CO2 laser Surgery: Standard of Care

By John C. Godbold Jr., DVM | March 2012

CO2 lasers have become a standard of care in veterinary surgery. Delivering the ideal wavelength (10.6 µm) for all soft tissue surgery, CO2 lasers provide increased precision and result in reduced hemorrhage, swelling, pain and tissue trauma. CO2 lasers also facilitate many laser-improved and laser-specific procedures.

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co2 surgical laser for equine veterinarians

CO2 Surgical Laser for Equine Veterinarians

By Robert Fleck, DVM | September 2012

I have been using lasers (CO2 and diode) in my equine-only practice for the last six years. I have discovered many uses that have immensely expanded my surgical and therapeutic capabilities.

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