VIDEO – Equine Sarcoids Vaporization with Aesculight CO2 Lasers

    What is Equine Sarcoids?

    A sarcoid is a tumor and one of the most common types of skin masses found on horses, donkeys and mules. It is usually benign, but can be locally invasive.[1]

    Removing Equine Sarcoids with an Aesculight CO2 Laser

    The Aesculight veterinary laser can be used to easily vaporize equine sarcoids.  Aesculight’s highly ergonomic flexible fiber laser delivery system makes it is easy to reach virtually any area of any sized animal.

    As performed at Evidensia Faxe Dyrehospital (Faxe, Denmark).

    Thank you for sharing the photos Per Riber Rasmussen and Steve Nielsen!

    Other methods of Equine Sarcoid removal include scalpel excision, cryotherapy, immunotherapy, and injectable chemotherapy.  Veterinarians have found that the use of Aesculight CO2 lasers may help to reduce the likelihood of recurrences.[2]  Aesculight Lasers also offer other surgical benefits such as: reduced pain and swelling, less bleeding, instant sterilization, and minimized overall trauma.

    Check out this video of Equine Sarcoid Excision & Ablation with Aesculight CO2 Laser:

    Video courtesy of Steve Nielsen – www.medicinetechnologyandyou.com

    For future reading, please check out this article: “CO2 Surgical Laser for Equine Veterinarians” by Robert Fleck, DVM



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