Pug Owner Shares Her Experience with Soft-Palate Resection Laser Surgery

    New testimonial from dog owner Myriam. Her dog underwent Aesculight CO2 laser soft-palate resection surgery. This is a common procedure for brachycephalic breeds (short-faced breeds such as pugs and bulldogs).

    “Our pug is about 12 years old with breathing issues and our regular vet didn’t want to anesthetize him for a dental cleaning. He told us he should have surgery to remove part of the soft palate which was probably elongated and was causing the breathing issues. Our regular vet does not offer laser surgery and all the research I did on that type of surgery indicated laser would be the best as there would be little to no bleeding. The procedure with no laser causes severe bleeding and is much more dangerous. I contacted Aesculight and they were able to provide a list of vets who used laser for that type of surgery. We found a vet who would perform the surgery with laser who was three hours away but we traveled to see him and he performed the soft palate surgery on our pug, and also performed the dental cleaning. Recovery was quick for our little pug and he is doing great. Laser surgery was the best and only option for us.

    I would definitely recommend laser surgery to other pet owners. Please opt for laser surgery, it offers much less bleeding and is less dangerous for your pet. Less painful as well, which is always a concern.”

    Myriam from El Paso, TX

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