VIDEO – Elongated Soft Palate Laser Surgery

    A wonderful surgical laser case by Destiny Prezzano, DVM, of Apalachee River Animal Hospital in Dacula, GA.

    Frenchie, a female French bulldog, was presented with respiratory issues due to the brachycephalic syndrome. She had small nasal openings (stenotic nares) and an elongated soft palate.  The Aesculight CO2 surgical laser was used to correct both problems—small wedges of tissue were excised to enlarge the nasal openings and excess tissue was removed to shorten the soft palate. The video shows just the elongated soft palate resection procedure. Immediately after the surgery, the dog’s breathing noticeably improved. Dr. Prezzano notes some of the benefits of using the laser including no postoperative hemorrhage or swelling.

    Video courtesy of Steve Nielsen – www.medicinetechnologyandyou.com

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