Aesculight CO2 Laser at the Penn Vet 2015 Meeting and Wet Lab

Originally Posted: April 1, 2015 Blog

    We are back after a short break. Aesculight spent three days in March in beautiful Philadelphia. First, we were at the Penn Vet 2015 conference where the lecture by David Duclos, DVM, Dipl. ACVD, on CO2 laser surgery in dermatology was a big hit.

     01_Penn Vet Conference 2015
    Conference about to begin.
     02_Penn Vet Conference 2015 - Search and rescue dog in the exhibit hall
    Wyatt, an awesome search and rescue dog, greeted the conference participants in the exhibit hall.
     03_Penn Vet Conference 2015 - clinical procedures
    Our clinical procedures banner drew many attendees.
     04_Penn Vet Conference 2015 - Drs. Glazkova, Duclos and Vitruk
    Dr. David Duclos stopped by the Aesculight booth to share some of his laser surgery observations & insights.

    (Left-to-Right: Dr. Glazkova, Dr. Duclos and Dr. Vitruk)

     05_Penn Vet Conference 2015 -Aesculight Model AE-3020
    More people stopped to ask about the advantages of the more powerful Aesculight model (AE-3020) that was on display.
     06_Penn Vet Conference 2015 - Aesculight booth
    Dr. Vitruk (middle) demonstrating a conference attendee (right)  the Aesculight laser’s cutting ability on a tomato “patient”. On the left– our customer service manager Peter Schreiner.

    On 3/13 Dr. David Duclos taught a laser wet lab at the Penn Vet School where the  participants learned about the basic principles of CO2 laser surgery. All of them had a chance to experience  the versatility of the Aesculight CO2 laser and try different laser settings on cadavers.

    07_Penn Vet School

    On the way to the wet lab at the Penn  Vet School

    08_Penn Vet Wet lab 1

    Aesculight team setting up the lab

    09_Penn Vet Wet lab 2

    Dr. Vitruk explaining the laser fiber calibration procedure

    10_Penn Vet Wet lab 3

    Veterinary surgeons getting acquainted with the Aesculight tipless adjustable handpiece.

     11_Penn Vet Wet lab 4
    Practicing Aesculight laser ablation settings on a tongue depressor
     12_Penn Vet Wet lab 5
    Practicing Aesculight laser ablation settings on egg yolks – this shows how well controlled the CO2 laser penetration depth is.

    13_Penn Vet Wet lab 6

    Dr. Duclos demonstrated how he treats pododermatitis.