Christopher Winkler, DVM, Presenting About CO2 Laser Surgery at the New York Vet 2017

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    Christopher Winkler at New York Vet 2017

    Christopher Winkler, DVM, will be presenting “Veterinary CO2 Laser Surgery: Case Studies and New Developments”, at the New York Vet, November 9, 2017, from 10:00 am to 10:45 am. To learn more about the presentation and the New York Vet, click here.

    About this Laser Veterinary Continuing Education Course

    Veterinary CO2 Laser Surgery: Case Studies and New Developments

    Become familiar with the most common type of laser surgery performed by veterinarians, including its advantages over surgery via scalpel and electrocautery. Dr. Winkler will review how CO2 lasers differ from other surgical lasers and how to best utilize a CO2 surgical laser for maximum benefit for the patient and the surgeon. Several specific soft tissue surgical case studies will be presented, including information on CO2 laser settings and technique. Finally, new information on the latest available veterinary surgical laser equipment will be introduced.

    Learning outcomes:

    1. An understanding of the mechanism and benefits of CO2 laser surgery, with recommendations for improving performance;
    2. Edification on several laser surgical case studies performed by Dr. Winkler;
    3. An understanding of the latest generation in veterinary laser surgical technology currently available and its improvements.