Aesculight Laser Veterinarian, David Duclos, DVM, DACVD, Visits Sweden to Share his Surgical Expertise

    Aesculight is always pleased when colleagues gather to share advanced surgical techniques. Recently David Duclos, DVM, DACVD, traveled to Sweden to share his surgical expertise in utilizing the Aesculight laser to resolve interdigital dermatological conditions. There he trained Dr. Rebecca Frey, ESVD, medical director of Anicura Norsholms Djursjukhus. The event was covered by the local newspaper and TV news (The news story can be seen here: Nu får Buddha hjälp med sin onda tass). Exchanging ideas, skills and experiences is one of the advantages of becoming a part of the Aesculight family.

    Nu får Buddha hjälp med sin onda tass (Buddha gets help with his swollen paw)

    In the news story both Dr. Frey and Dr. Duclos were interviewed about Veterinary Laser Surgery.

    According to Rebecka Frey, there are great advantages in using laser surgery on dogs.
    “We can, with great precision, laser just the tissue that causes the pain without damaging surrounding tissue,” she says.

    For Dr. David Duclos, an important benefit of laser surgery is faster patient recovery: “Buddha here can probably run around as usual tomorrow again, even if healing takes up to 4 weeks,” he says about one of the canine patients.