Now is your chance to watch the on-demand webinar “The Urogenital Surgery: Pearls and Pitfalls” with Dr. Jakub Kaczmarek. This webinar was originally recorded on June 7, 2022.

Surgical procedures of the urinary tract and genital organs are performed on daily basis in small animal general practices. The consequence of using standard surgical instruments while performing these procedures is significant bleeding. Poor visibility increases surgical time and can result in increased postoperative complications.

Learn how surgical lasers are enabling practitioners of every skill level to perform common surgeries with increased visualization, and excellent hemostasis that greatly improves surgical precision.

Key talking points:

  • Common urogenital surgeries that benefit from laser surgery include ovariohysterectomy, orchiectomy, mastectomy, episiotomy, and more
  • The benefits of CO2 lasers for urogenital surgery
  • How CO2 lasers work to optimize hemostasis
  • A case review of common urogenital surgeries
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    Jakub Kaczmarek DVMJakub Kaczmarek, DVM, Dipl. ECVS

    After graduating the veterinary studies in Wroclaw (Poland) in 2013, he began a two-year surgical internship at the referral clinic in Birkenfeld, Germany. After finishing his internship he went to Switzerland for an externship to further study orthopedics and sports medicine. In 2016 he started an ECVS Residency in Augsburg, Germany and after 4 years of training, he became board certified surgeon of ECVS. Right now Dr. Kaczmarek is a senior surgeon at Tierklinik Elversberg in Germany.

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