VIDEO – Veterinary Laser Surgery Series

    The VetScalpel CO2 laser offers numerous advantages over traditional methods in numerous surgical procedures. Some of these advantages include less bleeding (creating a clear operating field and allowing for quicker procedures), less swelling, less pain and discomfort for the animal, less chance of infection, and excellent cosmetic results. This video series will show you several examples of how this laser can be used.

    This veterinary laser surgery video series includes:

    • Oral / ENT Surgeries: periodontal surgeries, soft palate resection, stenotic nares repair, and oral epulis.
    • General Surgery: canine neuter, scrotal castration, spay incision, mammary tumor removal, and bladder stone removal.
    • Dermatology: aural hematoma techniques, lipoma excision, cutaneous growth removal, and tongue and skin tag removal.
    • Ophthalmology: eyelid tumor excision, eyelid tumor vaporization, and cherry eye excision.
    • Equine: sarcoid excision and ablation, and melanoma treatment.
    • Aquatic: sea turtle papillomavirus tumor removal, and koi dorsal fin tumor removal.

    Find out how the VetScalpel CO2 laser has revolutionized veterinary laser surgery.

    Several of the videos included in this video series are courtesy of Steve Nielsen – www.medicinetechnologyandyou.com