VIDEO – Interview with Ina Purborini, DVM of Barn Door Veterinary Care

    Ina Purborini, DVM, shares her experience with Aesculight CO2 laser surgery. She goes over the many benefits the laser offers for both surgeons and pets. Thank you, Dr. Purborini, for letting us share your interview.

    Dr. Ina Purborini is a veterinarian and the founder of The Barn Door Veterinary Care in Coquitlam, BC, CA. She graduated in 1989 from Bogor Agricultural Institute, Indonesia. She had a successful small animal practice in Jakarta for 14 years before she immigrated to Canada in 2004. Upon passing the National Board Exams to obtain her British Columbia license in 2007, Dr. Ina practiced all over the lower mainland before deciding to finally pursue her dream to have her own integrative small animal practice. To learn more about Dr. Purborini, please visit barndoorvet.ca