CO2 Laser Feline Stomatitis Treatment

    In this video, Noel Berger, DVM, MS, uses a VetScalpel CO2 laser to ablate the inflamed tissue of the mucous lining. Dr. Berger demonstrates using the VetScalpel at both 20 and 25 Watts SuperPulse power using the wide ablation laser handpiece. Laser ablation has been shown to provide a long-term cure for caudal stomatitis.

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    About Dr. Berger

    Dr. Berger graduated in 1988 from New York State College of Veterinary Medicine, and also earned an MS degree in Veterinary Clinical Sciences in 1989 from Cornell University. Following a residency in pathology, he entered private small animal veterinary practice and since then he has been a clinician and successful business owner. He was certified by the American Board of Laser Surgery in veterinary surgery, physics, and safety in 2000 and provided leadership in the practical use of surgical and therapeutic lasers. He was a charter member of the Veterinary Surgical Laser Society and served as its president in 2002. He is foremost an author of several peer-reviewed papers in veterinary laser surgery, laboratory diagnostics, and regenerative medicine. He co-authored several book chapters and published a textbook on small animal laser surgery. He is an internationally recognized speaker, having instructed hundreds of veterinarians and technicians on how to use therapeutic and surgical lasers. Dr. Berger delights in teaching the theory and safe techniques required to minimize post-surgical pain and inflammation using lasers.