The First Surgical Veterinary CO2 Laser with Multi-Specialty Handpieces

    Veterinary Laser Specialty Handpieces

    VetScalpel CO2 lasers are very versatile and will fit the needs of any multi-specialty veterinary practice. The laser comes with interchangeable handpieces that are custom tailored for specific veterinary specialties. The laser can be used in large animal, equine, exotic, avian, aquatic, and in small animals. The VetScalpel is delicate enough to do surgery on a ½ oz canary and powerful enough to do surgery on a 2,000 lb Clydesdale.

    The VetScalpel laser can be used across a variety of veterinary specialties including dermatology, dentistry, oral surgery, ophthalmology, and general surgery. In dermatology the laser offers multiple sizes of ablative handpieces. The laser can be used with angled handpieces for dental procedures. For oral surgery the laser offers soft-palate handpieces with backstops. Delicate 0.25 mm spot-size handpieces can be utilized in a variety of ophthalmic applications and general surgery.

    The key property of the VetScalpel’s CO2 10,600 nm laser wavelength is its unique ability to simultaneously cut and coagulate. Offering up to 45 watts CW and 30 watts of SuperPulse power, the laser reduces procedure times and offers pinpoint precision and control. Not only is the VetScalpel the most powerful surgical laser on the market, it is also the most ergonomic one, with a proprietary flexible fiber laser beam delivery system. The VetScalpel is currently the only veterinary surgical laser made in North America and is the newest and most advanced model based on over 20 years of American engineering and technological breakthroughs.