The Aesculight Brand Name Has Changed To VetScalpel

    Moving forward all our newly designed and manufactured Veterinary Surgical Lasers will be branded as VetScalpel®. We are the same great people, same great service, offering and servicing high-quality American-made products. We believe that the VetScalpel brand name better aligns with the veterinary profession and our company’s mission and vision of perfecting the Veterinary Surgical Laser technology, patient care, and client satisfaction. Since 2020 we only sell state-of-the-art VetScalpel laser models and our Aesculight laser line has been discontinued.

    This change does not affect our current Aesculight, Accuvet, and Luxar laser customers. We still stand by and offer service for most of these older laser models.

    If you should have any questions comments or concerns, please contact us.

    About VetScalpel Lasers

    The American-made VetScalpel CO2 lasers are being utilized in virtually all veterinary soft-tissue surgical procedures. VetScalpel’s flexible fiber and autoclavable pen-like, handpieces, ensure dexterity, and unparalleled precision, providing optimal surgical results.

    VetScalpel is a division of LightScalpel Inc based near Seattle, Washington. We design and manufacture CO2 surgical lasers for veterinary applications. Our products are distributed worldwide. Since 2006, Aesculight/VetScalpel has been the only North American-based veterinary CO2 laser manufacturer.