LightScalpel, Inc. appoints KonsorcjumVet as a Sales Agent for its VetScalpel surgical laser product line in Poland

    LightScalpel, Inc. welcomes KonsorcjumVet as our new sales agent in Poland for VetScalpel surgical laser product line. KonsorcjumVet is a newly formed company with partners Wojciech Pawlicki (, formerly with Advanced Solutions) and Mateusz Domka (, formerly with Vetter).

    According to VetScalpel’s International Business Development Manager Steve Nielsen, Poland has VetScalpel’s largest install base in Europe. The growth has been exponential over the past 18 months. This growth prompted us to find a local firm eager to support existing customers and continue to grow our customer base.

    LightScalpel, Inc. is a US-based designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art, high-precision, durable, and highly ergonomic CO2 lasers with exclusive flexible fibers for medical, dental, and veterinary surgical applications. LightScalpel’s veterinary surgical lasers (VetScalpel – deliver predictable and repeatable tissue response, fast ablation, and instant hemostasis. The extremely precise cutting, minimal collateral damage, clear and bloodless operating field, and minimal postoperative pain make the VetScalpel CO2 laser the tool of choice for a wide variety of everyday surgical veterinary procedures.