Join Us for a Lab at the AVMA Annual Convention In Denver, July 25-29

Originally Posted: March 28, 2014 Blog

    Are you attending the AVMA Annual Convention in Denver this year?

    Aesculight will be there and we would like to invite you to come visit our booth and attend the “Learning and Profiting with Lasers” lab that we are sponsoring!

    The Lab is scheduled for Sunday July 27th at 8:00AM

    Dr. Noel Berger - formatted

    Dr. Noel Berger DVM, MS, DABLS

    The featured speaker will be Dr. Noel Berger DVM, MS, DABLS. Dr. Berger is a 1988 graduate of Cornell University, and earned the MS degree in clinical sciences the following year. He successfully passed the certification examination of the American Board of Laser Surgery in Veterinary Surgery in 2000 and then served as president of the Veterinary Surgical Laser Society in 2002. Dr. Berger has published a comprehensive textbook of laser surgery and first authored several peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters. Through these writings, he has made significant contributions to the veterinary profession in the realms of laboratory diagnostics and laser surgery. Currently, he owns and operates the Animal Hospital and Laser Center of South Carolina, and consults with veterinary practitioners on the appropriate use of surgical and therapeutic lasers.

    Level: 2   ID# 16261   CE: 4.00

    This lab is designed for laser surgeons at any and all levels of experience. Participants will gain useful insights on how to effectively use CO2 lasers to provide better surgical case management for their patients and improved hospital revenue as a result. If you currently have a laser in your practice, or you are thinking of adding a laser to your surgical toolbox, this opportunity is exceptionally well timed to help your skills improve. Enrollment limited to 24 DVMs and Technicians.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Identify preferred CO2 surgical laser techniques for common small animal procedures, and some procedures uniquely accomplished using a CO2 laser
    • Familiarity with safety equipment, laser operatory management, and several CO2 laser accessories
    • Obtain knowledge of routine equipment care practices that will ensure a lifetime of trouble-free service from a CO2 laser


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