CO2 Surgical Laser‬ Interactive Lab @ SWVS

Originally Posted: July 8, 2016 Blog

    Aesculight is sponsoring a ‎Surgical Laser‬ Interactive Lab on October 1st, 2016. Join Dr. Godbold for CO2 Surgical Laser‬ Interactive Lab! Great opportunity to learn about veterinary‬ laser surgery and earn 4 CE Credits.

    SWVS - 2016 Aesculight Veterinary Laser Lab CE

    CO2 Surgical Laser Interactive Lab – 4 hours of CE credit at SWVS

    Instructor: John C Godbold Jr., DVM
    Location: Fort Worth, TX at the Southwest Veterinary Symposium
    Date: Saturday, October 1st
    Price: $375
    Time: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

    Learn and practice the principles of successful and safe use of the CO2 surgical laser. This lab will include an introductory lecture and exercises for participants to learn to operate a hollow wave guide CO2 laser and practice laser technique on tissue models. Cadavers will be available for practice. Introductory procedures, including skin incisions, simulated tumor excision and ablations,  oral and eyelid surgeries and other common procedures will be performed.

    With Dr. Godbold teaching you in his stress-free way:

    • Discover why Laser Surgery is FUN
    • Acquire Basic Techniques to enhance your Laser surgical skills.
    • Master Advanced Techniques to offer more surgeries to clients.
    • Find out how SuperPulse can benefit your patients.
    • Understand how HIGH power can improve your surgical outcomes.
    • Learn how to use the Laser for every surgery.

    If you could cut at the same speed as a blade, with no char and with hemostasis, why not use the Laser for every part of every surgery? Over 25% of practices with a hollow waveguide Laser only use the Laser. No scalpel handles are in OR packs and blades for skin scraping are hard-to-find.

    *Take-home multimedia instructional material will be provided.