Brachycephalic Syndrome in Dogs – Article Summary

    stenotic nares laser surgeryOriginally published at Weterynaria News, a veterinary news outlet in Poland.

    Brachycephalic Syndrome in Dogs by Ewelina Stanclik, was published on March 11, 2015.

    “Much depends on the degree of advancement of the defects and the type of surgery performed. The most common surgeries performed in this group of dogs brachycephalic are the resection of the elongated soft palate and the repair of overly narrow nostrils (stenotic nares). The surgeon decides how to perform the surgical correction. Postoperative care differs slightly depending on whether the surgery is performed using a scalpel, an electrosurge, or a surgical laser. Each of these tools is associated with the possibility of postoperative complications. In the case of a scalpel and electrosurgery method, the most common complications are swelling of the throat and bleeding at the surgical site. The advantage provided by a surgical laser is that the blood vessels are closed during surgery, which reduces the risk of bleeding and swelling at the site of the cut.”

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