The Best Veterinary Surgical CO2 Laser Gets Even Better

    Veterinary Surgical Laser SystemBOTHELL, WA – (December 29, 2016) – LightScalpel Inc (DBA Aesculight), the industry leader in veterinary surgical laser technology, is launching a newly upgraded CO2 laser flexible fiber with increased durability and improved ease of cleaning.

    Aesculight’s flexible hollow fiber is the most advanced CO2 laser delivery system and is the signature proprietary hallmark of the Aesculight brand. The flexible fiber provides unsurpassed surgical dexterity and allows for exclusive distal fiber end calibration. The flexible fiber delivery system has superior ergonomics and range of surgical procedures, when compared to an antiquated articulated arm delivery system. Aesculight also offers the most advanced disposable-free (tipless) handpieces. The tipless laser handpieces are offered at several different spot-sizes including an adjustable multi-spot-sized handpiece. Using tipless laser handpieces makes surgery simpler with its autoclavable design, there are no tips to replace or keep stocked.

    Aesculight and LightScalpel lasers are known for their range of exclusive and proprietary technologies that enable the most ergonomic (flexible fiber with autoclavable variable focal spot size handpieces) and highly efficient soft tissue laser surgery (variable pulsing and laser fluence capabilities, distal end fiber calibration, customizable pre-sets) at the lowest maintenance cost (long-lasting sturdy all-metal CO2 laser resonators),” says Aesculight founder, Peter Vitruk, PhD, MInstP, CPhys.

    Aesculight’s closest competitor, imported from overseas, is twice as heavy as Aesculight’s 40-watt model, with the footprint nearly 60% larger, and uses an antiquated (1980s technology) articulated arm delivery system consisting of bulky jointed metal tubes. The articulated arm offers no distal end calibration and no power or alignment adjustments to compensate for its deteriorating (with time) mirrors. It is heavy and can fatigue the surgeon’s arm. The competitor’s foreign-made laser handpiece has a single spot size; it is cumbersome to defocus, and it can only perform a limited range of surgical procedures.

    I have previously used a CO2 laser by a different manufacturer. I am constantly impressed by how much of an improvement my Aesculight is over the other brand … better power, less zone of damage, which leads to better, faster healing for my patients,” states Donna McWilliams, DVM, from My Pet’s Animal Hospital, Lakeland, Florida. More Aesculight laser testimonials can be found here, vetscalpel.com/what-veterinarians-say.

    The Aesculight system is the only veterinary surgical laser that is made in the United States. Aesculight is a subsidiary of LightScalpel, Inc (www.lightscalpel.com), and is solely located in Bothell, WA, USA. There at the Bothell headquarters, they design, manufacture, and maintain the highest quality and most advanced surgical CO2 lasers. Their lasers and accessories have been made in the USA for over 25 years (Luxar, NovaPulse and Accuvet in the past; now Aesculight and LightScalpel). There have been several improvements upon Aesculight’s surgical laser technologies over the years, including tipless laser handpieces, customizable controls, improved laser pulsing modalities, and overall improved durability, quality, and ergonomics.