Aesculight lasers used in everyday procedures

    Aesculight veterinary lasers are used everyday for soft-tissue surgical procedures at Med-Wet Cabinet Veterinary in Bielsko-Biala, Poland.

    The progress of veterinary medicine leads to CO2 laser surgery for everyday surgical procedures in companion animals.
    – Veterinarian Ziemowit Kudła of Med-Wet Cabinet Veterinary

    Removal of the third eyelid tumors

    Surgical removal of the third eyelid tumors on an 8-month old puppy, with the Aesculight ‪veterinary ‎laser. The tumors caused a chronic eye discharge.


    Canine stenotic nares repair

    Canine stenotic nares repair with the Aesculight ‎veterinary ‪laser using the stenotic wedge excision technique.

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