Aesculight at the 2015 Western Veterinary Conference

Originally Posted: February 21, 2015 Blog

    Aesculight participated in the Western Vet Conference 2015 as a sponsor of the Laser Surgery Wet Lab and the Laser Surgery Symposium.

    Dr. John Godbold Jr., DVM on Sunday, February 15th, conducted a laser surgery wet lab.


     WVC 2015 Laser Surgery Wet Lab- Dr. Godbold WVC 2015 Laser Surgery Wet Lab - Dr. Sagris-Dismukes
    Dr. John Godbold, DVM teaches laser surgery techniques.Dr. Janine Sagris-Dismukes, DVM discusses laser surgery with colleagues. 



     aesc3 aesc4
    Dr. David Bradley, DVM at the laser surgery wet lab.Aesculight team at the laser surgery wet lab with instructors. (L to R) Dave Walters, Dr. Janine Sagris-Dismukes, DVM, Peter Schreiner, Dr. John Godbold, DVM, Rich Noss, Kirk Hartshorn 


    Aesculight Laser Surgery Team on the show floor at the Western Vet Conference 2015 in Las Vegas.


     WVC 2015 Laser Surgery Booth 2 WVC 2015 Laser Surgery Booth 1
    Aesculight laser consultants at the booth.Aesculight representatives were busy with meeting current and future laser surgeons at the WVC.


    On 2/16, Dr. John Goldbold, DVM, and Dr. Peter Vitruk, PhD, presented three lectures at the Surgical Laser Symposium at WVC.

     WVC 2015 - Laser Surgery Symposium - Dr Vitruk WVC 2015 Laser Surgery Symposium - Dr. Godbold 2
    The Aesculight founder, Dr. Peter Vitruk, presenting the physics of laser-tissue interaction.Dr. Godbold discusses “Cruciate Ligament Laser Ablation”



     aesc9 aesc10
    Dr. Godbold advises his colleagues on how to perform a stifle surgery.Dr. Godbold enlightens his audience with this complete ablation of a transitional cell carcinoma.