Aesculight Appoints LuxarCare as its Exclusive Distributor

    luxarcareNovember 16, 2009

    Aesculight, LLC and LuxarCare, LLC have jointly announced the appointment of LuxarCare as Aesculight’s worldwide representative for all sales, service, and support of Aesculight’s laser products and its customers.

    Aesculight, LLC, is the only American manufacturer of surgical CO2 lasers with flexible fiber and hollow waveguide beam delivery systems. Aesculight, LLC was established in 2005 to develop a second-generation of flexible CO2 surgical lasers. Aesculight lasers and laser accessories are designed to provide the best in surgical CO2 technology: unparalleled clinical access, convenience, reliability and affordability.

    LuxarCare, LLC was established in 2002 to exclusively support the owners of the first- generation of flexible waveguide CO2 surgical lasers manufactured by Luxar under the AccuVet and NovaPulse brand names. LuxarCare is proud to add Aesculight surgical laser products to its mission to keep flexible fiber waveguide lasers in operation for many years to come.